Privacy Policy

Evergreen believes in and understands the importance of protecting the information we collect about you.

Why collect information about me?

We collect information about you in order to provide the prepaid legal plan described in your service agreement.  We need your information in order to administer your business with us, to evaluate any requests for service you may make, to process transactions, and, generally, to run our business.

What does Evergreen need to know? 

Information we collect from you will include your name, telephone number, address, banking or credit card information, and, generally, the nature of legal services you expect to need in the future.

How does Evergreen collect this information?

The vast majority of the time, we will collect this information from you directly.

How does Evergreen protect my information? 

We take reasonable measures to make sure that your information is treated confidentially by Evergreen and all of its agents.  We will make good faith efforts to ensure that Evergreen personnel only see your information to the extent they have a need to see it.

How will Evergreen use my information?

Evergreen will use your information in order to provide the services described in your Evergreen service agreement to you.  To this end, we may use or disclose your information to others when disclosing helps us to:

  • facilitate, evaluate, or process a request for service;
  • confirm or correct what we know about you;
  • prevent fraud, money laundering, terrorism, or other crimes by verifying what we know about you;
  • run our business;
  • process data; or
  • audit our records or our business.

When we disclose information to others to perform business services for us, we will take reasonable steps to ensure they appropriately protect your information and that they use your information only to the extent necessary in connection with the business services for which we have engaged them.  

Other circumstances under which we may disclose your information include:

  • disclosures that a court or government agency requires of us (for example, complying with a search warrant or subpoena) or
  • disclosing your information to another company to the extent reasonably necessary in connection with a sale of all or any part of our business to another company.

Generally, we will disclose only the information that we consider reasonably necessary under the circumstances and nothing more.

We may, from time to time, use your information in order to offer you other products and services.  We may share your information with other companies to help us in doing so subject to the following requirements:

  • We will not share information about you with our partners or affiliates for use by such partners or affiliates in marketing their products or services to you unless we first notify you and give you an opportunity to “opt out.”
  • We will not share your information with third parties unaffiliated with Evergreen unless you permit such disclosures or unless such disclosures are otherwise permitted under this privacy policy.

Have a question?

Transparency is important to us—please contact us with any questions you have about our Privacy Policy.