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Evergreen provides and administers legal plans.  Evergreen’s vision is to provide consumers with an innovative way to obtain affordable, meaningful legal help.

The concept behind a legal plan is straightforward: You pay a monthly or an annual fee. In exchange, you gain access to Evergreen’s network of local attorneys. If you need legal help, Evergreen will put you in touch with a local attorney and, if the service you request is a covered legal service under your legal plan, you will receive that service without any additional out-of-pocket cost for your attorney’s time.  

Please note, Evergreen’s plan offering in a handful of states is limited to an “access” plan.  In access-plan states, members gain access to Evergreen’s network of attorneys and will receive discounted hourly rates from those attorneys.  The distinguishing factor of an “access” legal plan, as compared to Evergreen’s standard legal plan, is that members will usually be responsible for an out-of-pocket cost after receiving legal service from an Evergreen network attorney.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your coverage or the extent of benefits offered.

Customers sign up for Evergreen Legal Plans for a variety of reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is peace of mind.  Many customers appreciate knowing they have a network of attorneys ready to help.

Another reason is that the traditional model of finding an attorney can be intimidating and time consuming.  Through an Evergreen Legal Plan, customers gain access to a network of attorneys that have been selected for their ability to provide professional, friendly, and prompt legal service.

Cost is also a factor.  The typical attorney’s hourly rate is in excess of $250 per hour.  Evergreen customers have access to covered legal services at a total, out-of-pocket cost substantially less than what such individuals would pay outside of an Evergreen Legal Plan.

In many instances, yes.  Spouses, domestic partners, and dependents often receive coverage under an Evergreen Legal Plan. The exact extent of coverage, however, will be determined by your specific service agreement or policy. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us to confirm the extent of coverage available in your area.

Evergreen Legal Plans provide coverage for many different types of legal work. General advice and consultation are always covered. Coverage for transactional legal matters, simple estate planning, contract review, debtors’ rights, and general correspondence are typically covered as well. Keep in mind, however, that the extent of Evergreen’s coverage varies by state. In all cases, your specific service agreement or plan document will control the extent of coverage or benefits to which you are entitled.

Yes. In fact, Evergreen got its start by helping facilitate legal assistance for consumers facing some type of debt-related legal need. Because of this, many of Evergreen’s local network attorneys specialize in helping consumers understand their rights and obligations as consumer debtors.

After signing up for an Evergreen Legal Plan, you become eligible to receive covered legal services through your plan.  If you wish to initiate a request for service (“RFS”), simply contact Evergreen.  A representative will work through a short intake interview related to your RFS.  Based on that interview, Evergreen will either assign a network attorney or will offer you a choice of network attorneys in your state with expertise relevant to your RFS.

After settling on a local network attorney, you and the network attorney will need to contact one another.  This initial contact might be an in-person meeting, or it might be a phone call or other form of remote contact.  Your wishes, together with the nature of your RFS, will usually dictate how this initial contact is handled.

Assuming both you and your network attorney are comfortable proceeding, then an attorney-client relationship will be formed, and the network attorney will perform the legal services that are the subject of your RFS.  Assuming your RFS involves a covered legal service under your plan, you will not need to pay the attorney anything for the attorney’s time spent on your RFS.  Under most Evergreen Legal Plans, you will remain responsible for costs your attorney advances on your behalf, such as copying and printing costs, filing fees, postage fees, etc.

Some people prefer to avoid lawyers at all costs. If you do not foresee having a need or a desire for legal assistance at some point in the future, an Evergreen Legal Plan may not be a good fit for you. Even so, consider setting aside a “rainy day” fund for unexpected legal expenses.  With that said, one of the reasons Evergreen exists is our belief that consumers would benefit from a proactive rather than reactive approach to seeking legal advice.

Consider this: In the book Three Felonies a Day, author and civil-liberties attorney Harvey Silverglate estimates the average American commits three felonies each day by dinnertime. See Harvey A. Silverglate, Three Felonies A Day (2011). The point is that Americans live under a massive amount of law and regulation. Through our legal plans, we hope to increase the average American’s ability to access quality legal advice, thereby preventing or, at least, mitigating legal issues that otherwise may have been much worse.

A network attorney is an attorney (i) licensed to practice law in one or more jurisdiction in which Evergreen offers legal plans and (ii) who has been admitted to Evergreen’s network of local attorney providers. Network attorneys apply to join Evergreen’s network and are selected based on expertise, demeanor, and commitment to customer service, among other things.

Evergreen’s legal plans are typically billed on a monthly basis, in advance. Customers may cancel at any time. In all circumstances, however, your specific legal plan or policy will govern the terms and conditions associated with cancellation. Contact us with questions.

*This website provides general information on legal plan coverage and services. Limitations and exclusions apply. Not all services and benefits are available in all jurisdictions. Please consult your plan for full coverage, availability, and application. In almost all instances, your legal plan must be in force and paid to date in order for you to make a valid request for service.

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